base of a mountain lit at sunset

Enter a New World

Istva Legends is a collaborative group of stories and games that take place in the same setting, Istva. Most of these games are played using the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition rules, however, Istva can easily be adapted to fit any fantasy rule-set. The goal is to for this campaign setting to be easily adapted and used.


The Setting

Istva, land of adventure

Carved from great cataclysms, wars, and divine intervention. Istva has something for everyone.



Content created for use with 5e or other TTRPGs


Legends and Tales

As it was foretold, so it has come to pass

Istva is full of stories and history. Some revolve around great heroes fighting against all odds. Other stories teach us about culture and the life of the commonfolk


John's Ramblings

Random bits of GMing and worldbuilding advice and opinions.


The Team

The Fearless Few

There are several talented Game Masters and Collaborators involved in Istva Legends.