A Rude Awakening

Duchess Lilith tightened her grip on the windowsill, knuckles turning white as she gazed out into the night. From the Tower of St. Haskel she could hear the sounds of fighting breaking out across the capital. In the courtyard below she could even see several of her men attempting to hold back a scor...

The Wanderer

"Well I made it Nora. Now why did you send me here?" Estrid said, voice dry.

The only answer was the blowing of wind. It seemed to always be blowing up here in the mountains.

Looking across the forested valley, thousands of feet below, Estrid could see just how far she had traveled these past f...

Ymir's Tears

Legend says that the three massive lakes west of the Gray Fells were created by a giant smith, Ymir, during a great war between the giants and the dragons in the Age of Chaos. As the tale goes, Ymir's lover was struck down by the dragon Zirntre during one of the cataclysmic battles that raged across...

The Twin City

"The Sword of Ruin is inside… that?" the halfling asked, voice wavering, his eyes fixed on the scene below.

His companions were all as riveted as he was..

All except the elf, who replied bluntly, "Well… yes. That is the Twin City, Home of Demons and Fiends. We've spent a month preparing to com...

The Silent Forest

"I told you not t' go in those woods." The middle aged man scolded as he pulled the tiny girl behind him by her hand.

Emily continued her protest, "But I—had—to talk to the forest spirit! She could—"

"She can't bring your da back. He's gone with Lord Oswin and the rest o' them." The man let out...


Dream Diary of Allura

19th of Vismos, 474 A.F.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

In the pitch black cave, the dripping was the only source of sound. All else was silent. The barely visible ripples that formed in the shallowy pool were the only source of movement. All else was still.

Drip. Drip. Drip.


An Inquiry

"Ra'shazen?", the grizzled man took a long drink of his ale, half of it ending up in his white mustache. "Yeah I remember that place. Big. Dark. Always gave me the spooks." He glanced beyond the two strangers sitting across from him, the tavern was decently busy for this time of day. Much to Corvus'...