Ymir's Tears

Legend says that the three massive lakes west of the Gray Fells were created by a giant smith, Ymir, during a great war between the giants and the dragons in the Age of Chaos. As the tale goes, Ymir's lover was struck down by the dragon Zirntre during one of the cataclysmic battles that raged across the land. Upon hearing the news of her lovers demise, Ymir stormed across the land; heading for the site of the battle. As she sprinted across the open plains, she shed just three tears: one of sorrow, one of regret, and one of anger. Arriving at the charred and still smoking field, Ymir made her way to the freshly made earthen mounds that housed her fallen kin. Kneeling at the foot of the brown earth, a stark contrast to the black and red field that surrounded her, she paid her respects to her lost love. Then, steeling herself, she set out on a path of revenge.

It was bitter work, but she was determined to satiate her need for revenge. Making her way back to her workshop, she saw that the fields where she shed her only tears had now been transformed into three massive lakes by the elementals who constantly shaped the land. Taking it as a sign from the gods, she formulated her plan. Winter came and passed as she toiled away in her workshop, working on the key component of her strategy. When spring came she was finally ready.

Striding once more across the land, she made her way to Zirntre's domain. Sensing the giant's presence in his lands, the great dragon roared and launched himself into the sky; ready to fight. It was at this moment that Ymir readied her newly crafted weapon: an ornate spear of polished and intricately carved steel with a wicked and barbed blade at the tip. Zirntre dived down and slammed into Ymir, slashing with his sword like claws. The two fought for hours, neither gaining ground upon the other. As the battle raged, Ymir managed to find the opportunity she was looking for and cast the spear into the dragon's shoulder. As the barbed spear sunk deep into the dragons hide, the shaft separated into three chains that then wrapped their way around Zirntres body and wings. The chains acted with a mind of their own as they bound the dragon in place and rendered him immobile. With the dragon subdued, Ymir picked up the great dragon and carried him to the place she shed her tears nearly a year ago. Standing upon the shore of the largest lake, Ymir gathered all of her remaining strength and threw the ensnared dragon into the center of the lake. As the great dragon sank beneath the waves, Ymir let out an anguished cry.