The Team

Istva Legends is run by several talented creators who work hard to create interesting and usable content for you all. If you like the stuff we produce consider checking out our Patreon.

John Champion (Lord_Durok)

"The Balor explodes, dealing..... 143 points of fire damage"

John has been running campaigns since 2014, when his friends asked him to run a campaign for them after their original GM left. Since then John run various campaigns with multiple degrees of success. He is also the creator of Istva.

Outside of gaming, John is a game programmer. With a focus on fringe technology like augmented reality and ambient user experiences.


*Internal Screaming*

Static has run several different campaigns in their time as a GM, some for friends and some for summer camp students. They're a large contributor when it comes to worldbuilding the Istva setting, often being the voice of reason. Outside of being a GM they spend their free time perfecting their art, which you should all check out here.